Hailey Ray

Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

Located at 2034 82nd St. #103

Clinical Supervision for LPC-Interns
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  1. Theory Based Practices
    Hailey has training and experience in CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, risk management, crisis intervention, mental health first aid, stages of change, traumatic brain injuries, plus mental health and the law. She uses what works.
  2. Variety of Experience to Teach From
    Hailey has experience in non-profit, for profit, and community service agencies. She understands adult mental health treatment, and is excellent with mental health diagnosis and client advocacy.
  3. Business Minded
    Hailey owns and operates multiple businesses. She loves teaching others how to succeed within their own arena and desired expertise. Hailey has created websites, paneled with insurance companies, and understands billing.
  4. Individualized Care
    Hailey's services are adapted to each client she serves. From treatment plans, homework assignments, and the direction and frequency of services she looks after the individual's need. This increases success in their counseling experience. Let her show you how.