Hailey Ray Counselor in Lubbock
TX Lic# 69003

Hi. Welcome to my website. Helping you is my dream job. I'm available by appointment, 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday. Here's more about me .

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  1. Mental Health and Addiction
    There is a high cost to untreated mental health and addiction. I have been assisting clients in the mental health field, and with helping people in relapse or recovery for over a decade!
  2. LPC-Intern Supervision
    I provide affordable weekly supervision services to those entering the counseling career field. Helping others discover what I learned the hard way brings so much joy. I have worked in agency, non-profit, and private practice.
  3. Teens and Adolescents Counseling
    If your child is bullying others, has been bullied, or has behaviors in which you are concerned about, Counseling can help. If you need to connect better with your child I can see you all in family sessions.
  4. Couples, and Family Counseling
    No one enters a relationship with intentions of having struggles but sometimes couples or families get stuck. Counseling can help better communication skills and address the larger issues.
  5. Christian Counseling
    If you are open to faith based intervention strategies, choose me to help you through this time in your life.
Fax (806)828-0015
2034 82nd St Unit #103

Please check with your insurance provider regarding services available to you and if Hailey's services are covered. 

Out of Network-If you meet medical necessity (have a diagnosis in which I can treat) and have out of network benefits I can provide a superbill to assist you in requesting reimbursement.

In Network insurance:
United Behavioral Health(UBH)/Optum
United Healthcare

Workplace Options/ Deer 
American Behavioral 

Interface EAP
Alliance Work Partners
Cigna EAP

​​ I accept: cash, checks, and credit card payments.